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Welcome to the Elmgrove Centre

Christian Enterprises Trust was established in 1992 to provide opportunities for people to meet with God, Father, Son & Holy Spirit, principally through establishing Christian community centres in buildings made available for the charity to use such as the Elmgrove Centre in Cotham, Bristol and through these centres to, further Christianity and Christian education in the UK and abroad, to foster initiatives which would show love and service in the community in obedience to Jesus and to encourage greater unity among Christian churches and organisations. In September 2010 the charity decided that these aims could be grown and enhanced by joining with another Christian organisation and as a result the Elmgrove Centre is now being run by City Church, a New frontiers church as well as being a centre for their own mission. Christian Enterprises Trust is concentrating its smaller resources on producing an online 24/7 recording of the Bible through its recording studio at the Elmgrove Centre and seeking to produce an animated version of the Prodigal son, it is also setting up a 24/7 Prayer room at the Elmgrove Centre.